Water truck services

  • acreage, farm and residential water
  • hot tubs and swimming pools
  • skating rinks
  • bulk water sales
  • hot water delivery
  • field sprayer filling
  • general water hauling

Septic services

  • septic and holding tank cleaning
  • car wash sumps
  • porta potty rentals
  • general vacuum truck services

Landscaping, lawn care & maintenance

  • black dirt,clay, sand and aggregate
  • road maintenance
  • driveway maintenance
  • culvert installation
  • grass cutting

Snow removal

  • roads
  • driveway
  • parking lots
  • residential yards
  • commercial yards
  • oilfield

Water Truck Services

We have two potable water trucks that are set up for delivery of safe fresh potable water.  Both are certified by Alberta Health Services and water samples are submitted monthly for testing.  We ensure our equipment is well maintained and sanitized on a regular basis to ensure our water is safe fresh and potable.

Acreage, farm and residential water

Whether you are wanting to fill your cistern on your acreage, looking to fill your hot tub or swimming pool, or maybe build a skating rink in your back yard, Jay-Day Water Services has you covered.

These days, we all know that rest and relaxation, as well as healthy outdoor recreation is important to our well being.  Filling your hot tub, swimming pool or building a skating rink, using a garden hose can be tedious and time consuming so whatever your needs are, we will be there to fill it quickly and efficiently.

General water hauling

We also offer bulk water and hot water delivery for just about anything you might require.  This may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • cisterns hot tubs and swimming pools
  • skating rinks
  • field sprayers
  • tree or landscaping watering
  • dust control
  • oilfield
  • greenhouses
  • golf courses
  • campgrounds
  • horse barns or arenas
  • livestock watering

Septic Services

With our prompt and courteous drivers, you can feel confident that our vacuum truck will meet your waste removal needs.

  • septic & holding tanks
  • cleaning carwash sumps
  • general vacuum truck services

Landscaping, Lawn Care and Maintenance

There are many reasons that you may be considering landscaping or grading.  Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • improving the look of your landscaping on your acreage or farm
  • your gravel driveway needs repairs, as it isn't looking as good as it used to due to holes or cracks that were caused by weather conditions
  • you need to dig a ditch or trench for a water line or sewer line
  • your culvert is damaged and needs to be replaced, or a new one needs to be installed to ensure water doesn't wash away your road
  • your yard requires grading to improve drainage by creating slopes to lead water away from your home
  • you need to cut grass in a large area

All our equipment is well maintained and we choose the appropriate equipment based on the task at hand.

  • mini excavator
  • large excavator
  • skidsteer
  • gravel truck grader
  • tractor with mower

Snow Removal

From an acreage, farm, residential or commercial client, we have the suitable equipment to accommodate your snow removal needs.  Whether it's a residential driveway, oilfield leases, to clearing and offsite hauling for commercial parking lots, we are here to help you out.

All our equipment is well maintained and we choose the appropriate equipment based on the task at hand.

  • skidsteer
  • grader
  • gravel truck
  • tractor with snowblower